STEMgis Publicist - Overview

The STEMgis Publicist is a tool that allows data gatherers/owners to publish their data (e.g. on CD-ROM) complete with a temporal GIS visualization and analysis tool for distribution/sale to clients or other interested parties. STEMgis Publicist creates an installable version of a STEMgis database and a free version of the STEMgis Viewer, called STEMgis FreeView. The files created by STEMgis Publicist, form a 'virtual publication', which can be written to appropriate media for distribution, e.g. a CD-ROM, ZIP disk, DVD or FTP site. The publication can be copied, distributed or sold as many times as required, without any further payment to Discovery Software Ltd.

The STEMgis Publicist allows you to customize the virtual publication in the following ways:

STEMgis FreeView, a slightly cut-down version of the STEMgis Viewer, is included automatically in the publication. FreeView includes all the temporal and spatial retrieval, visualization, graphing and animation features of the STEMgis Viewer, but is limited in the following ways:

Note: All STEMgis databases are created using the STEMgis Manager.

Follow the step by step guide to creating a virtual STEMgis publication


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