STEMgis Manager - Overview

The STEMgis Manager is a tool that allows the user or database administrator to compile and integrate geographical data that vary through space and time. Integrating data within a STEMgis database allows comparison and analysis of diverse data sets referenced to a common timescale. Traditional Geographical Information Systems often work on a file based approach which makes the direct comparison of data and attribute information difficult and time consuming.

Note:The temporal aspect of STEMgis requires greater definition of the data being loaded into the system. It is therefore likely that the map data you already possess requires some refinement before it can be loaded effectively.

To make the best use of STEMgis:

Once you have your plan, follow these steps:

Note: Always make backups of the STEMgis database prior to any major data additions and deletions. If there is a system crash or power cut you may need to recover an earlier version of the database.

The remainder of the help document will guide you through these stages.

Or try the DMS Tutorial.

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