Discovery Software, STEMgis, Temporal GIS

STEMgis is a Temporal Geographic Information System. It handles all common requirements of mapping software PLUS the additional dimensions of time and depth. STEMgis enables you to explore any spatial data throughout the four dimensions (4D) of space and time.

The world is dynamic. Everything around us is constantly undergoing change and the impact we have on the world is subject to assessment and monitoring by ourselves or others. STEMgis provides the tools to manage, visualize and analyse these changes, historical features or our predictions for the future.

STEMgis, the temporal GIS, is ideal for many applications including environmental, coastal, marine, health, crime, sales and marketing, agriculture, forestry, utilities and management.

Please look at the software specification. We have also made some animations and screenshots available for your information. The animations illustrate some of the time-based facilities of STEMgis.

We are always happy to show you how your data could be used within STEMgis. Feel free to send us your data and we will build a STEMgis FreeView database for you to explore before you decide to purchase.

Version 2.3 is now available. The new version includes a new 3D terrain and animation display, dip and strike calculation for geological mapping, a link to SimCoast (a fuzzy logic expert system for decision making), complete SVG mapping for all 2D animated datasets and saving workspace files which include any processing carried out on individual layers (this means that STEMgis can now be used for batch processing!). Background desktop wallpaper images showing global topography and bathymetry have been created using STEMgis and are available by clicking on the links below.

See an example of the new 3D animated display of icebergs in Ross Sea or modelled current data by clicking on the thumbnails shown below.

The affordable GIS. A commercial license for STEMgis is £150, while an academic license is £100. All costs are quoted in pounds sterling. To purchase a copy email us.