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Example SVG Maps

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Click on each thumbnail to see the SVG file. N.B. You may have to allow active content if Internet Explorer automatically blocks the content. Help on using the STEMgis SVG interface can be found here.

In French - Scenario prediction of nitrate levels in wells - courtesy C3ED

In French - Scenario prediction of representatives involved in aquifer management - courtesy C3ED


In English - Water Quality Data - courtesy LOIS project

In English - SARS Cases and Deaths - data from WHO

Tiger Distribution


The following examples will form part of an upcoming online report about the 'State of the Seas' by the Inter-Agency Committee on Marine Science and Technology in the UK. Click on the thumbnails to view the SVG maps.

Marine Drifters overlaying bathymetry

Wind rose data - monthly averages 1983-2003

Historical bathymetry - Humber Estuary

Historical bathymetry - Mersey Estuary