NineNil - Squash League Management System




What Is It is a managed service, which means you don't need a sophisticated IT infrastructure or specialist expertise.
For a modest, monthly fee we host our software on your behalf using our own web servers. However, you still get your own web address to use and the software is fully customizable with your own logo.
We manage your data for you, taking responsibility for security and backups, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Although we manage the data, you still maintain complete ownership so you don't have to worry about your member details being sold to third parties.
We are responsible for keeping your booking system online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
As well as keeping your bookings safe, our systems also allow you to sends email to confirm bookings and advertising available courts at no extra cost.
All of our customers compliment us on how easy our software is to use. However, if you do need help we offer free support by email and can provide telephone support or on-site training for a small fee.
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