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NineNil is a complete online squash league management system designed by players for players. It enables the organisation of the leagues to be conducted online. NineNil automates the workload traditionally completed by the league organisers.

NineNil provides access to fixtures lists, results, verified score cards, divisional tables, player ranking lists and player statistics. It can be viewed by teams, its members, other clubs and the squash world.

For the participating clubs and teams, it is a secure password protected system providing access to league set-up features, player rankings lists and score cards.

The main feature are outlined below. You can also try out the system by clicking on 'NineNil Leagues' on the left and then clicking on Example Leagues.

Setting up divisions

View fixtures and score cards

Player rankings

Player statistics

Add, view or override penalties
The main advantages of NineNil are:
Online squash league management system which can be tailored from club, county to national league level.
It allows you to set-up divisions, rankings list per club, particular clubs, teams, nominated players and season’s dates.
The system automatically updates tables for each division, statistics for each player and applies penalties where appropriate when scores are entered and verified.
Creates fixture lists for all who participate with alternate home and away fixtures.
Set up dates to avoid, e.g. cup week, Valentine’s night and school term breaks.
The system allows you to change the players ranking list for each club.
No need for downloading or uploading of information to a website.
Following initial set up, the system allows you to log on as three different roles. Each of these roles is password protected.
League Secretary
Club Administrator
Team Captain
The NineNil roles have certain access features, be it full or partial.
League Secretary - full access
Set-up divisions, clubs, teams, players, dates and automatically sets up passwords.
Enter, verify or delete score cards.
Adjudicate penalties.
Manually add penalties as per particular league rules.
View messages that are created by the system. For example, when home and away team captains enter different score cards.
Club Administrator - restricted access
Add players to the clubs rankings list.
Can modify the rankings list.
Nominate players.
Enter and/or verify score cards.
Team Captain - restricted access
Add players to the clubs rankings list.
Enter and/or verify score cards.

Download the NineNil Manual here.

The cost of NineNil is:

Software setup package is £295* - a one off cost.

There is also a license fee which is £250 per year, per league or £700 for three years, per league.

*Please note that if there are any ‘rule changes’ to be made there is an added cost from £25 per rule.

If you wish to 'frame' the software within your own web pages (using an IFrame) there is an additional £75 setup fee and an additional fee of £50 per year or £120 for 3 years.

All prices plus VAT


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