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NineNil Box is a complete on-line squash box league management system designed by players for players.

NineNil Box provides access to box leagues, results and player statistics. It can be viewed club members and the squash world.

The box league manager has a secure password protected system providing access to league set-up features, player rankings lists, score cards and promotion/relegation features.

The main feature are outlined below. If you would like to try out the system email us and we will set up a box league for you.

Password protected score entry

Add players details and opt in or
out of leagues

Player statistics

The main advantages of NineNil Box are:
On-line squash box league management system allowing access to box leagues and player statistics for all.
It allows you to set-up rankings list for your club.
The system automatically calculates points totals and at the end of the box league period will automatically promote and relegate players.
Players can be opted in or out of the leagues at any time.
Player statistics are automatically updated when results are entered.
Results can be entered at any time and viewed on the Internet or added at the end of the box league period.
No need for downloading or uploading of information to a website.
The League Manager has full control over the setup of the box leagues. Their role is password protected.
Empty Box Leagues and Player Statistics can be printed out to place on Club notice boards.

A manual for NineNil Box can be found here.

The cost of NineNil Box is:

Software and setup package from £50 - a one off cost (N.B. bespoke modifications may be charged as an extra cost).

There is an additional license fee which is £120 per year.

If you wish to 'frame' the software within your own web pages (using an IFrame) there is an additional £50 setup fee and an additional fee of £10 per year.

All prices plus vat

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